The Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE) provides physicians a way to share and view patient information in a secure electronic manner. This information is accessible, with patient consent, to authorized users while maintaining the highest standards of patient privacy.

The goal of the cHIE is to improve the quality of care you receive by increasing efficiency and maintaining patient safety. This is accomplished by enabling healthcare professionals to be better informed, and by reducing time and expense associated with missing information and ordering of duplicate tests.

The cHIE is a Utah effort to improve the quality of the healthcare you receive by making it easier for your participating clinicians to view critical medical information about you, no matter where you receive health care in Utah. It simply provides the means to locate and view information available from the healthcare entities that participate in this community effort.

The information that is shared may include laboratory and radiology results, transcription reports, medication and immunization histories, allergies, and other medical reports.

Many people understand that they will receive the best and safest care if their healthcare professional knows about their allergies, medications, and chronic conditions.

No matter where you receive care in Utah, your participating healthcare professional may, with your permission, view critical medical information about you and your family members to make better decisions regarding your health.

Working Together, we can improve the quality of health care in Utah!